Algae Removal

We’re in the South. That means algae isn’t an exception, it’s the norm – and it seems to grow everywhere! While our pressure washing services for your home’s siding, roof, decks, and masonry remove algae growth, we also specialize in algae removal for niche structures and items.

That old playset in your backyard that’s looking a little worse for its age? The patio furniture that’s been sitting in the elements all winter? Your pool float that needs to be cleaned before summer cranks up? We can remove unsightly algae from all that and more! Algae is not only ugly to look at, but can cause the integrity of your home’s most valued accessories to degrade at a rapid rate and even change color permanently. Further, algae growth can make surfaces like playsets slippery and dangerous, which increases liability for you, the homeowner!

But algae removal is essential for both aesthetic reasons and your family’s health.

Many people are allergic to algae and can cause complications for sufferers of asthma. We use an algaecide to kill it and prevent it from growing back as quickly, which means our services will give your property a longer lifetime!

From your garbage can to your patio furniture, Pressure Worx has your algae removal covered. Just give us a call for a free estimate to keep your home beautiful and safe!

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