Fence Cleaning

Pressure washing your fence has a slew of benefits that extend beyond good looks. As storms and harsh weather roll through our state, your fence is prone to damage from moisture, wind, drastic temperature changes, and mildew. This results in undesirable stains and

Hiring an experienced professional to pressure wash your fence will aggressively knock out all that old dirt and mildew, revealing a freshly cleaned fence that appears years younger than it is! This not only heightens curb appeal and raises your property value, but also allows your family to enjoy a space free of unsightly stains and mildew.

Further, a thorough cleaning of your wooden fence is a perfect way to prepare it for stain or paint applications.

If you are considering giving your fence a face-lift through a whitewash or fresh coat of stain, pressure washing can be a huge help! It not only removed debris from the surface of the fence, but allows the pores of the wood to open so you can achieve that perfect pain and stain coating!

Cleaning a fence is one of the maintenance requirements when having a fenced in yard. Whether your fence is vinyl, wood, stucco, concrete, or brick, we know what it takes to get it clean although cost differs per material. Please reach out to receive a quote so we can better serve you.

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