Masonry Cleaning

Do you have brick or stone work around your home? If so, congratulations! Masonry is a beautiful way to add character and value to your property. But, of course, brick and stone should be regularly washed, too.

Masonry cleaning can be quite difficult. To protect your bricks, they should be cleaned using low pressure to prevent any mortar from chipping or causing any damage to the brick itself. We use a strong algaecide on your masonry which will stop algae, moss, lichen, and dirt in it’s tracks! it will make your bricks look bright and your mortar clean for a showcase quality clean!

Brick and stone are often overlooked when it comes to home maintenance because they seem relatively indestructible.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Over time, mold viciously attacks your home’s brick, digging deeper and deeper into its porous surface. This causes it to soften over time and can lead to decay! Decay is enemy #1 when it comes to brick and stone, often leading to expensive repairs.

Lucky for you, the experts at Pressure Worx know exactly how to keep your brick or stone home looking spiffy and feeling strong! Unlike abrasive cleaning methods that involve harsh materials on your masonry, pressure washing is a much gentler, safer method and a wildly effective cleaning agent. It finds a balance between power and strength, so your masonry gleams without suffering from any damage!

This seems easy enough right?

Not so fast! It’s integral to hire a well-seasoned professional to take care of pressure washing the masonry around your home. The specialists at Pressure Worx understand how to use the low pressure washing or soft washing methods , achieving glistening results and absolutely no damage whatsoever.

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