Patio Cleaning

So, we’ve covered your house’s exterior, driveway, deck, and fence. But what about your patio? No worries, we have that taken care of, too! Patios are typically paved area adjoined to your home, used as a place for recreation. Families spend a lot of time on their patios, and nothing is more unattractive than an unkempt patio area. The good news is, pressure washing your patio is a quick, easy, and wildly effective way to ensure your outdoor area stays spiffy and ready for company 24/7. Here are some quick benefits of regularly pressure washing your outdoor patio!


It’s super-fast

Sure, you can spend hours of your life on your hands and knees, scrubbing away at stubborn patio grime and getting nowhere. Or, you could just hire Pressure Worx to knock it out for you in a matter of hours, if that. Not only is pressure washing far more effective than scrubbing, it also leaves no residue (and saves your knees from a Saturday afternoon on the hard ground…yikes!)


It saves you money

Hey, have we mentioned that pressure washing can save you money? Yes? Oh well, we are going to drive that point home again! If you decide to list your property, a regularly pressure washed patio can bump up your appraisal by hundreds or thousands of dollars. That’s an amazing return on investment for a twice-a-year expense!

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