Roof Washing

It’s fairly obvious that you should clean your home’s siding regularly, but what about the parts of your home that aren’t on eye-level? Yep, I’m talking about your roof! Many folks don’t know how important is to wash your roof with regularity, but no fear! We’re here to help. Besides improving the beauty of your home, there are several very compelling reasons to hire Pressure Worx to brush off that roof and let it shine!

Your roof is a vital part of your home and it can become unsightly with several nuisances: Gleocapsa magma (black algae), moss, and lichen. Not to mention, dirty roofs are dangerous to walk on and can degrade the integrity of your shingles, which can lead to leaks and the higher cost of replacing shingles. We wash a roof using only low pressure and the correct chemical to make it look new again

Did you know that harmful roof-staining organisms are living on top of your house right now?

This may not seem serious, but algae, lichen, and moss are actually aggressively feeding off the organic material in your shingles. Your roof is their food source. The longer you wait to fix the problem, the more damage will be done! As if that wasn’t horrifying enough, when the organisms take residence on your roof for too long, they can eat through your shingles and into your attic, This is a one-way street to wood rot, a costly and inconvenient problem to fix.

Here’s another pro-tip: when you keep your roof cleaned off, you can save in your energy bill! When the top of your house is covered in lichen and other growth, it stops reflecting sunlight and absorbs it. This heats up your attic and the top stories of your home, making your air conditioner work even harder during these hot, Southern months.

Lastly (and most surprisingly), your insurance company can actually cancel your homeowner’s policy if your roof is dirty.

Yes, it seems a bit harsh, but since an unclean roof can affect the structural integrity of your home, insurance companies completely reserve the right to mandate roof cleaning. If you choose not to comply, you run the risk of losing your coverage and your home becoming uninsured!

If your roof could use a little extra TLC, give us a call at Pressure Worx for an affordable estimate and let us help your home reach its full potential!

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