Why Pressure Worx?

Pressure washing and exterior cleaning is our specialty! From vinyl, wood, and concrete to brick, Hardiplank and stucco: we can clean it all fast and effectively leaving your property more beautiful every time!

House Washing

Washing houses can be tedious task for most, especially when it comes to the second or even third story, but our quality equipment and cleaning solutions make it easy and affordable for any homeowner to maintain the beauty of their home. Each home is different but regardless all homes should be washed using only low pressure to insure no damage will occur. Also, the algae, mold, and mildew that is growing on the side of your house should be killed using the appropriate algaecide to prevent it from coming back as soon.

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Deck Cleaning

Cleaning a deck be one of the trickiest things to clean even for us professionals. Decks can be made from wood or composite, they can be painted, stained or left natural, and nearly all decks have hand rails, spindles, and a staircase which all take great degree of attention to detail. Not to mention that washing with too much pressure can fur the wood, or remove paint. we treat every deck like our own and only advise the best cleaning technique for each deck uniquely.

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Driveway Cleaning

Cleaning your driveway can be a daunting task for some. Many homeowners will attempt to clean their own driveway with the pressure washer they got on sale at the hardware store; however, most don’t finish because there is just too much concrete and the equipment they have just isn’t made for that much area. We use a surface cleaning attachment which allows us to clean massive amounts of concrete in a fraction amount of time.

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Fence Cleaning

Cleaning a fence is one of the maintenance requirements when having a fenced in yard. Whether your fence is vinyl, wood, stucco, concrete, or brick, we know what it takes to get it clean.

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Patio Cleaning

Your patio can be your outdoor sanctuary. During the warmer months, you may catch yourself out on your patio grilling for the family, or reading a book enjoying the cool breeze, or this may be your go-to spot for entertaining guests. Either way, eventually it becomes dirty and should be cleaned. We recommend getting this done in the beginning of spring every year so you can enjoy a clean outdoor space all throughout the warmer months.

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Dock Cleaning

Having a dock on a lake or pond can be very satifying, especially during the months you use it the most. But, just like anything outside, it can start to become unsightly due to all of the elemental exposure. Dirt, grime, and algae can build even faster on docks due to constant exposure to higher humidity. This service is recommended on a annual basis.

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Roof Washing

Your roof is a vital part of your home and it can become unsightly with several nuisances: Gleocapsa magma (black algae), moss, and lichen. Not to mention, dirty roofs are dangerous to walk on and can degrade the integrity of your shingles, which can lead to leaks and the higher cost of replacing shingles. We wash a roof using only low pressure and the correct chemical to make it look new again

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Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your gutters clean may seem like a mundane task, but it is very vital in the health of your home. Your gutters allows the water from rain on your roof to be redirected away from your house to protect the foundation. However, if your gutters become full of leaves and debris they can begin to clog and causes water to overflow. this can causes problems with your foundation as well as start to rot the trim behind it and it will make the trim and outside of the gutter look unsightly. Regular gutter cleaning can save you thousands in repair costs for a fraction of the cost. This service is recommended twice a year: once in the spring after the pollen season and once in the fall after the leaves are done falling.

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Algae Removal

Algae can be one of the most unsightly occurrences on your home or business. Algae just tends to grow on everything but its no need to fear! We remove algae from lots of different surfaces. Moisture, lack of sunlight, and greenery can cause a bloom in algae in all the places that you don’t want it. We use an algaecide to kill it and prevent it from growing back as quickly.

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Gutter Whitening

Gutters can grow algae, as well as, hold dirt and other debris, and become oxidized. The outsides of the gutters may become dirty but they dont have to stay that way. Any organic material can be cleaned off of gutters using our algaecide. but oxidation is a chemical reaction occurring on the surface of the aluminium. This will cause gutters to get grey “tiger strips” or possibly the whole gutter becoming grey. No worries, We can clean this using a specially formulated biodegradable acid to remove oxidation off the surface leaving your gutters looking brand new.

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Rust Removal

Rust on your siding? Actually it’s not rust. This is most commonly known as hard water stains. This comes from hard water and mineral deposits leaking onto your siding. The source of this problem is usually a leak from your ac unit. Yes, it is unsightly and yes, your HOA may fine you for it. Thought you would put a little CLR on it and make it go away? Think again, we use a special chemical made just for hard water stains and mineral deposits to make your siding look like it did before it became a problem.

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Masonry Cleaning

Masonry cleaning can be quite difficult. To protect your bricks, they should be cleaning using low pressure to prevent any mortar from chipping or causing any damage to the brick itself. We use a strong algaecide on your masonry which will stop algae, moss, lichen, and dirt in it’s tracks! it will make your bricks look bright and your mortar clean for a showcase quality clean!

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