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man taking extra care to clean a dock in charlotte

Dock Cleaning Charlotte NC

Cleaning your dock is vital keeping it aesthetically pleasing and safe for you and your loved ones. Dock naturally sit along the edge of a body of water such as a pond, or lake. Docks are used for many activities such as anchoring a boat, jumping in the water, and fishing. Docks over time become slippery due to mother nature producing algae. The surface of a dock can get covered in algae and becomes extremely slippery when it is wet. This can a huge issue when using your dock this summer putting you at risk for liability if a loved one was to get hurt. 

Pressure Washing Your Dock

Pressure washing your dock on a regular basis is one of the best ways to keep your dock looking in tip top shape while maintaining a safe a practical area for storing boats, playing in the water, and fishing. Pressure Worx takes great pride in keeping our clients docks looking great by doing regular pressure washing services. We wash docks with eco friendly cleaning products that will not harm aquatic life. 

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