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Pressure worx washing a house in charlotte

House Washing


The essence of house washing in charlotte

Washing a house can seem like a daunting process if it is your first time attempting to pressure wash. If you are inexperienced or do not have an ample amount of training, it's likely that you can cause damage to your home with a pressure washer. We suggest hiring a professional to do the job and save yourself the time and headache. 

Pressure Worx has a standard procedure for washing houses. Our process begins with our team arriving at your property on the day service is scheduled and meeting with you if you're available. Its okay if your not, we just dont get a chance to see your lovely smile. We walk around the property for a quick inspection. We look for areas that may not come clean, any damages already present, make sure windows are sealed, and electrical outlets are covered. We point out anything we notice and make you aware of anything notable. After that its time to get the pressure washer hooked up. 

We will hook our pressure washer up to your water source and begin washing the house. We use Sodium hypochlorite (active ingredient in bleach) as our standard house washing cleaning solution. We infuse our cleaner with the water using down stream injection to properly mix chemicals at a standard ratio to clean your siding type. This will allow us to effortlessly remove algae, mold, mildew, dirt, and grime as well as sanitize your home's exterior. 

Once your house is sprayed and has been dwelling for about 10 minutes, we simply rinse your house using a low pressure spray to insure your house cleaned without damage that can be caused by a pressure washer. 

Finally, you get to see the results. We will walk you around the property and discuss the details of your cleaning service. We mention trouble areas, and general insights about the cleaning of your property. Once satisfied, you pay us and we will see you again next year!

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Why Choose Us for Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NC

Licensed and insured

We are properly licensed and insured with 2 million in coverage so you can rest knowing your property is safe from costly accidents, even though they are very rare. 

Experienced Technicians

Our knowledgeable technicians are out in the field everyday washing houses, cleaning driveways, and pressure washing many other surfaces. They have experience pressure washing charlotte area homes with a combined experience of over 15 years!

Quality Equipment

We only use professional grade equipment made by well known reputable manufacturers. We clean and maintain our equipment regularly to help prevent problems while technicians are working.

Raving Reviews

Our clients leave us amazing reviews because we show up and deliver. From our processes, to meeting, our staff, scheduling, and quality control have all been catered to deliver a good experience time and time again!

Competitive Pricing

We follow industry standards for pricing all of our services to present great value offer at an affordable price for nearly all homeowners, and businesses alike. 

Attention to detail

We have an eye for details; Our technicians are trained to look for algae, spiderwebs, mold, mildew, debris, and other types of build up that can be easily missed as well as procedures to insure a quality service. 

Fast free estimates

Our estimates are always free and sometimes can be as fast as 2 minutes. We have standard pricing for all of our services, and with the power of the internet, we are able to give you a quote fast! (Typically within a few hours during business hours)

Fast Scheduling

We focus on keeping our calendar properly managed to allow you to schedule service fast. Sometimes we even have next day service available. (Typical scheduling is less than 2 weeks away) 

Pet and plant safe

Our services are pet friendly and the cleaners we use are safe around plants when applied correctly following our standard procedures. 

Why should I get My House Washed?

Getting your house wash comes with a slew of benefits. You will benefit in several areas of your life including your physical and mental health. It can also have other benefits such as a sense of well being and pride. There can also be financial benefits by increasing property value with regular maintenance. 

Healthier home

Regular pressure washing at your home will kill algae. mold, mildew, and other contaminants that grow on your homes outdoor surfaces when washed properly with an algaecide. These contaminants are becoming built up over time making it more likely for spores to spread. Mold spores can be very dangerous to people over long periods of exposure. Soft washing your house will kill any spores, and when done regularly enough, never have time to build back up. This ultimately leads to a healthier home for you and your loved ones. 

Increased Curb Appeal

Getting your house washed can add instant curb appeal. Spider webs, dirt dobbers and visible algae all take down the curb appeal away from your house. These are things you cannot avoid and they will occur over time. Obviously the more time goes by the more it gets dirty and needs to be cleaned more urgently. With one house wash service your property will instantly have added curb appeal for months to come. 

No hoa Fees

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA it is likely that you have been either hit with a fee or know someone who has been hit with a fee. HOA's try to keep the value of the homes up by governing rules set forth by the homeowners association. In charlotte, there are many neighborhoods that will fine you for not keeping your house cleaned and require houses to be cleaned when they become unsightly. You can avoid unnecessary fees and reap the other benefits of getting your house washed regularly scheduled periods. 

When is the best time to wash your house?

The best time of the year to wash a house is generally in the spring and fall. These seasons are both mild and cool, never being on either end of too cold and too hot. As pressure washing professionals, we can wash houses all year as long as weather permits. We do not wash houses when it is below 40 degrees, or when it is any severe weather such as heavy wind, thunderstorms, or hail. 

Washing Houses in the Charlotte metro area

Washing houses in charlotte is a an everyday occurrence for the Pressure Worx Team; however, we do not take that responsibility lightly. We understand your home is one of your biggest investments in your lifetime and that you want to take good care of it. Our team has been helping charlotte residents keep their houses in tip top shape with our standard house washing service. Our soft washing process allows us to wash your house using low pressure water and appropriate cleaners to be applied to the siding of your house to clean your siding of stubborn algae, mildew, dirt, and more. We gently rinse your home for a streak free shine that will leave your house looking new again!

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Searching for a House washing company near you?

If you are searching for a house washing pressure washing company near the charlotte metropolitan area, then look no further. We serve the following areas​:

  • Charlotte

  • Concord

  • Harrisburg

  • Mint Hill

  • Matthews

  • Pineville

  • Stallings

  • Indian Trail

  • Monroe

  • Waxhaw

  • Weddington

  • Ballantyne

  • Steele Creek

  • Belmont

  • Huntersville

  • Cornelius

  • Mooresville

  • Mount Holly

  • Davidson

  • Kannapolis

Charlotte House Washing Services

Pressure Worx offers a high quality house Washing Services to Charlotte residents as well as residents of surrounding areas. We suggest getting a standard house wash once every year. This will keep your home looking fresh for all occasions throughout the year by removing algae, dirt, mold, mildew, and spider webs from your siding. Have other problem areas? Look into these house washing add-ons:

  • Roof Washing

  • Rust Removal

  • Gutter Whitening

  • Driveway Cleaning

These additional pressure washing services may be just what you need to add that curb appeal to your home for potential buyers if your in the market to sell. Or if you may just want your home to be as perfect as you know it can be with the proper maintenance.  

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