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patio being pressure washed cleaned by a surface cleaner in charlotte

Patio Cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Patio Cleaning Charlotte NC

Having a patio is great outdoor living area addition to any home, but keeping it in tip top shape requires cleaning it from time to time. Pressure Worx has helped thousands of charlotte residents keep their patio clean so they can enjoy their outdoor living space without worrying about unsightly grime, algae, or mildew. Let Pressure Worx clean your patio so you can enjoy it all season long!

Patio Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing your patio is the most effective way to clean your patio but the process involved will vary based on the type of patio surface you are trying to clean. Some of the most common patio types that we clean are concrete patios, paver patios, brick patios, cut stone patios, and tile patios as well as combinations among these options. Each patio may require a different level of service in order to leave you with the best results. 

Concrete Patio Pressure Washing

Cleaning concrete patios are the most common type of patios that we clean. Charlotte and surrounding areas have a lot of neighborhoods that have a small 10x10 patio on the back side of the house made of concrete. We pressure wash these patios with a surface cleaner to have a nice and even clean of the pores of the concrete and then treat it with an algaecide to kill any mold, mildew, or algae that may be dwelling in the pores of your concrete. 

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