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wooden fence getting cleaned with a pressure washer in charlotte

Fence Cleaning Charlotte, NC

Fence Cleaning

Cleaning your fence in Charlotte NC

Cleaning your fence is a must if you want to have a great aethstetic to your backyard living space. Pressure Worx has helped many charlotte residents keep their property looking spiffy by cleaning their backyard fences. Cleaning your fence requires using a pressure washer to get rid of algae, mold, mildew, and dirt and leave a streak free shine. We use only quality equipment and cleaning solutions to bring you fantastic results when getting your fence professionally cleaned. 

  • Give your fence some love with a good wash to make it look new again!

Pressure Washing Your fence

Pressure washing a fence requires knowledge on the various types of fencing you may be wanting to clean. Some fencing requires chemicals, while others can be cleaned with just high pressure water. We suggest reaching out to us to have a professional clean your fence according to the material and appropriate procedure. 

Searching for a fence cleaning company near you?

If you are searching for a fence pressure washing company near the charlotte metropolitan area, then look no further. We serve the following areas​:

  • Charlotte

  • Concord

  • Harrisburg

  • Mint Hill

  • Matthews

  • Pineville

  • Stallings

  • Indian Trail

  • Monroe

  • Waxhaw

  • Weddington

  • Ballantyne

  • Steele Creek

  • Belmont

  • Huntersville

  • Cornelius

  • Mooresville

  • Mount Holly

  • Davidson

  • Kannapolis

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Type of fences We Clean

We are experienced washing many different surface types to bring you awesome results time and time again. we currently offer fence washing for the following types of fences:

  • Vinyl PVC Fence

  • Treated Wooden Fence

  • Stained Wooden Fence

  • Painted Fence

  • Aluminum ornamental Fence

Although there are many styles of fencing, the materials used for fencing is pretty limited. If you have a fence made of something not included on this list please inquire if we can help you get it cleaned!

Vinyl Pvc fences

Vinyl PVC fences are typically white privacy fences and they tend to get algae, dirt, grass clippings, bird droppings, and spiderwebs on them over time. While there are other color fences that are still made from the same material, white is the most common. We soft wash vinyl fencing to ensure they are cleaned with damaging the barrier between you and your neighbors. 

Wooden Fences

Wooden fences are great looking fences but they too can become dirty and need a good cleaning. Wood fencing, whether painted, stained, or pressure treated lumber, can be cleaned with a pressure washer. Power washing each surface requires a different approach for each type of wooden fence. We have experiencing cleaning all types of wooden fences in the charlotte area. 

Aluminum ornamental fences

Aluminum fences are one of the least cleaned fences because of their design. ornamental fencing is typically black, although they can be painted any color, and typically dont provide any privacy. Because of the small surface area for algae to cling to, its less likely you will notice your aluminum fence become dirty. If it does, we suggest a good wash of all of the rails. 

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