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surface cleaner being used to prewssure wash concrete in charlotte

Driveway Cleaning charlotte, nc

Driveway Cleaning

Cleaning your Driveway In Charlotte, NC

Having a clean driveway makes a huge difference in the overall curb appeal of a house and Pressure Worx has helped thousands of homeowners keep their driveways clean by offering our driveway cleaning service. We clean driveways using a specialized cleaning tool attachment called a surface cleaner. Surface cleaners allow us to clean your concrete much quicker than your standard wand and nozzles. We also treat your driveway with an algaecide to help keep your driveway cleaner for longer. This also brightens your driveway to give it that new look and feel!

Pressure Washing Charlotte Driveways 

Charlotte has a lot of concrete, and your driveway may become unsightly over time with buildup from dirt, grime, algae, oils and grease. This can be sore sight for your eyes, especially if it's your driveway. Pressure cleaning your driveway yourself sounds like it may save you a lot of money from paying a professional pressure washer however that's not always the case. The process of pressure washing a large amount of concrete is not easy for small pressure washers that you can buy at big box stores for a few hundred dollars. These smaller pressure washers arent good for large jobs, but are great for small stuff like washing your car, or cleaning a small patio.  

Reasons to clean your driveway

There are many reasons to want to clean your driveway. Maybe its been a while since you have had it cleaned, or maybe your dog got mud all in the driveway. Its possible you have never had your driveway cleaned and you want to see if it will come clean. Here are some of the more common reasons to clean your driveway concrete. 

ALgae build up

Algae builds up over time and can become unsightly. Concrete is one of the least affected surfaces by algae, but mother nature is persistent. Your driveway will build up with algae over time and it requires cleaning every few years. 

Dust, dirt, and debris

Dirst, dust, and debris are all simple contaminants that none of us can avoid. As you walk from your yard to your driveway you are picking up trace amounts of dirt and relocate it with time onto the driveway. The same can be said true for rain storms and windy days. The water splashes dirt and mud onto the driveway, and the wind brings yard debris. Although dirt is hard to fight, regular driveway washing will keep your driveway free of dirt. dust. and debris. 

Oil and grease

Parking and driving your car in and out of your driveway nearly everyday can eventually shows signs of oil and grease on your driveway. Even if your car doesn't have a oil leak, its quite probably you will still end up with oil and grease on your driveway just from internal components that require grease to function properly. These oils are some of the hardest stains to clean, especially when they have sitting on the concrete for weeks on end. We do have a driveway degreasing service that focus on loosening oil and grease. 

About our Charlotte Driveway cleaning service

We take pride in our work when working for any of our clients. We also deliver high quality results because we have standard operating procedures for every service we provide. With cleaning driveways, there is no exception to the rule. Let us explain how we wash your driveway. 

We first analyze the driveway to see how dirty it is initially, and if it deems to be considerably dirty, we will treat it with an algaecide to start breaking down organic matter and making it easier to clean. Then we surface clean the entire driveway, usually working from a higher elevation to a lower one in most cases, while rinsing dirt off the driveway every few hundred square feet. After that, we come through and make sure all the edges and corners have been hit and is just as clean as the rest of the driveway. Finally, we post treat your driveway to kill any remaining algae deep in the pores of the concrete and give it a little extra shine. 

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Searching for a driveway cleaning company near you?

If you are searching for a driveway pressure washing company near the charlotte metropolitan area, then look no further. We serve the following areas​:

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