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man cleaning surface rust using a power washer

Rust Removal Charlotte NC

Rust is unsightly and is more common than you might think around the charlotte area. We help people get rid of rust of of their property by a means of pressure washing and using the proper chemical for that surface. We understand that things can sometimes get rusty however when rust gets on something that's not supposed to rust, we need to address it and get it back to its original state.  

Pressure washing rust in charlotte

In charlotte it's not uncommon to sometimes see rust on the side of a house if you are on the road as much as we are. You might even know of someone in your neighborhood who has a rust stain. Believe it or not, what appears to be rust isn't actually rust. Most of the houses that we clean with "rust" is actually a hard water stain. 

Hard water stains tend to develop over time and takes time to become noticeable. Hard water is basically water that has a bunch minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium. Your air conditioner is usually the main culprit of this rust or hard water stain appearing in the first place. The air conditioner has a drain line for excess condensation and contractors usually run the line straight out the attic. Yes it drains, but during the time the condensation makes it to the end of that drain line the wind starts blowing. Now every drip is hitting your siding causing the rust stain. 

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